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Online Coaching Community & Program

Online Coaching Community & Program

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Community Discord
Essential Features
Bonus Features


Earn $3,000-$20,000+ every month with your custom-paid community

Grow your personal brand and maximize your NIL earnings. Bring value to your audience by creating your own paid community.

We communicate extensively and work side by side to bring your vision to life. We take all of your ideas, goals, and your vision to create your own community.

We set everything up inside your community. We add your discord, your programs, coaching, templates, and content all to your liking. 

We add all of your elements to a premium Whop account and store, where you can promote, manage, and see all of your members coming through.

Turn ANY social media audience of 10,000-100,000 into 100-1000 paying members. 

Essential Features Include:

Community discord server

Custom coaching content, featuring videos, tutorials, etc.

Custom workout plans, fitness guides, or templates

Custom courses or training programs of your choice

Exclusive content of your choice (videos, content, etc.)

Bonus Features Include:

Affiliate system set in place for your community to grow organically

Custom giveaway system rewards your community with different giveaways and prizes


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Capitalize from your audience

$3,000-$20,000+ A Month From Your Community

How Many Members Will Join My Community?

On average, 1-3% of your social media following will join your paid community.

For an athlete with 50,000 followers, you can expect about 500-1500 members.

With an average price point of $9.99, that community can expect to generate $5,000-$15,000/month.

Create Once, See Profit Forever

Create your paid community once, and see the benefit for the rest of your career.

Our team works with every athlete extensively to create enough value in order to generate income for months on end.

Everyone Can Join

We work extensively with our athletes to make sure that your community and store are designed to sell effectively.

Who Will Join? The loyal part of your social media audience will find value in anything that you provide. After your loyal audience, family and friends will be next to jump on any products you have available, giving your community a solid foundation.

Your school fans, students, and the people who support your program will take your store to another level.

Once your season is active, watch your members explode.

24/7 Support

Experience 24/7 Support. Our team guides and helps every step of the way, answering any question you might have.

The Key Is Content & Value

We aim to provide as much value as we can within each community. The more value, and the more each athlete becomes involved with their community, the better the experience for each member.

The goal is to keep each member for as long as possible.

Drive traffic and find new members by creating content, and promoting your community in a natural and organic way.